Ambassadors of the OSA

In recent years, despite the stable economic situation in Switzerland and around the world, financial support has been decreasing. Today, with the global health crisis, many Swiss Abroad find themselves in precarious situations. The OSA ambassadors are committed to ensure that the rights of the 770,900 Swiss Abroad continue to be heard and respected. Discover why they support the OSA and how you can get involved with a donation or bequest.


Pierino Lardi, Venezuela

Pierino Lardi is 73 years old, a Swiss national living abroad, and currently lives in Caracas, Venezuela. He has been a member of the Council of the Swiss Abroad for more than 15 years and represents the interests and concerns of Swiss people living in South America.


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«I am strongly committed to the Swiss Abroad because I still have a deep connection to Switzerland and do not want to lose my surroundings I want to maintain my personal network.


I feel represented by the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad and can pass on ideas and suggestions.


To ensure the continuity of its function, the organisation depends on your support and legacies. The OSA is a non-profit organisation and can only fulfil its tasks with your aid.»

Françoise Millet-Leroux, France

Françoise Millet-Leroux is 74 years old and has been living as a Swiss Abroad in Romilly-sur- Seine in France for many years. She is President of the Union of the Swiss Organisations in France and has been a member of the Council of the Swiss Abroad for over 10 years.



«When I joined the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) more than 10 years ago by becoming a delegate to the Council of the Swiss Abroad, it was to support OSA in its efforts to maintain and promote the representativeness and rights of the Swiss Abroad as full Swiss citizens.

The OSA has represented and supported the Swiss Abroad for more than a century. It is now up to us to help it through our donations and legacies so that it can continue to do so, and in particular provide support to our compatriots outside Europe, who are severely affected by the pandemic and its tragic financial and social consequences.

It is our turn, the Swiss Abroad, to support OSA so that it can strengthen and continue the work it began in our name over 100 years ago. Give something back - a sign of gratitude.»



David Mörker, USA

David Mörker is 52 years old and is a Swiss Abroad since 1990. He currently lives in Minnesota, USA. Since 2017 he has been a member of the Executive Board of the Council of the Swiss Abroad and represents the interests of Swiss people living in North America.


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«Giving to a cause is one thing. Giving to a cause committed to the unwavering promise to look after the needs and interests not only of those living in this present age, but ensuring a lasting legacy for the next generations, is another. Indeed, the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) demonstrates that driving force relentlessly committed to caring for close to 800,000 mobile Swiss living abroad: Its charter, but more importantly, its steadfast commitment, its very «raison d'etre» is supported by three pillars:


  1. Raising awareness, representing and protecting the interests and needs of the internationally mobile Swiss vs. the Swiss living in Switzerland;
  2. Functioning as central hub for internationally mobile Swiss acting as Switzerland's unoffical ambassadors across the globe;
  3. Providing a center of expertise for all questions related to the international mobility of Swiss citizens


OSA's comprehensive multifaceted engagement needs to be sustainable. That is why I am focusing my energy on ensuring that our not-for-profit organisation, stands on solid footing for generations to come!

At this time, I would like to invite you to consider supporting our worthy cause in the interest of your fellow Swiss living across the globe. As a not-for-profit organisation, OSA depends on each one of us, regardless of how much we can give. Every contribution counts and is highly appreciated!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous support!»




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