To emigrate ... starting with the idea through to the implication of this considerable project, there are many questions that will arise and it isn't always easy to know where to begin. Thus, it is important to plan your emigration carefully, clarifying certain facts way in advance, so as to avoid any bad surprises. There are several information sources at your disposal to assist you in your planning.


Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA)

Our Legal Department has been set up to advise Swiss citizens living abroad on general legal questions concerning Swiss law. It deals in particular with social security insurance matters and informs those considering emigrating or returning to Switzerland on their rights and obligations.


Consular Directorate CD

Federal Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA)

The FDFA Consular Directorate publishes an advice sheet for Swiss nationals living abroad. These guidelines inform Swiss citizens abroad on their rights and duties and can be consulted on their website. The brochure can be ordered from the Consular Directorate directly. They provide a number of information leaflets regarding emigration and answer questions in this field.

Furthermore the sector of the CD called Emigration Switzerland, offers various information on how to plan a stay abroad or an emigration.




Organisation of transborder commuters

There are a number of institutions who are specialized in questions regarding transborder commuting:


The Groupement transfrontalier européen is a French non-profit association, whose objetive is to inform and defend frontalier workers.


Maison transfrontalière européenne : This association advises transborder commuters and defends their interests, organizes conferences, edits brochures and a bimonthly magazine and furthermore offers legal, social and tax advise services.



Infobest  : Network of information and advice offices for transborder matters in the Upper Rhine region (Germany, France, Switzerland). Gives out information and publishes fact sheets.



Grenzgänger Info : Offers a free information service for transborder commuters between Switzerland and Germany and publishes brochures on related subjects (e.g. "ich bin Grenzgänger in der Schweiz").