Reinstatement of Citizenship


People who have lost the Swiss citizenship can apply for re-naturalisation even if they are residing abroad provided they have close ties with Switzerland.

The application for the reinstatement of Swiss citizenship has to be filed within 10 years from the date of the loss of citizenship. People who have been living in Switzerland for mor than three years, can file an application beyond this period.




Close ties with Switzerland


The applicant has close ties with Switzerland when she / he meets the following requirements:

  • Holidays and other sojourns in Switzerland
  • Contact with individuals living in Switzerland
  • Contact with organisations or groups representing Swiss living abroad
  • Contact with Swiss citizens living abroad
  • Working for a Swiss company or domestic or foreign organisation
  • Ability to converse in one of the Swiss national languages or a Swiss dialect
  • Interested in Swiss current affairs and basic knowledge of the Swiss geography and political system.