Information about transmission of swiss citizenship

Swiss from birth

Swiss nationality is acquired from birth by:

  • A child whose parents are married to each other and whose father or mother is a Swiss national;
  • A child of a Swiss woman who is not married to the child's father.

A child below the age of majority who is a foreign national with a Swiss father not being married to his/her mother, acquires Swiss nationality in the same way as he or she would have done at birth, accounting for the child's close ties to the father.


A child born abroad to a Swiss parent who is a citizen of another country loses Swiss citizenship on reaching the age of 25, unless his or her birth has been notified to a Swiss authority abroad or in Switzerland or he or she has declared in writing that he or she wishes to remain a Swiss citizen.


Swiss by simplified naturalisation

  • Up until 1 January 2006 a child born with foreign nationality having a Swiss father who was not married to the mother, did not automatically become Swiss, not even if the father acknowledged paternity. However now, the child can submit an application for simplified naturalisation provided he/she has a close ties with Switzerland.


The prerequisite for a simplified naturalization is a successful integration. According the new Swiss citizenship act, the following requirements have to be met :

  • the applicant respects the public order and the Federal Constitution
  • candidates are able to understand and express themselves in a national language sufficiently to communicate adequately in most situations of everyday life, at home, in the workplace or in public places.
  • he or she is an active participant in the economic life of the country or acquires an education at an appropriate level; and he or she
  • supports the integration of his/her family, spouse, registered partner, underaged children for whom they have parental custody.


The Situation of applicants who on the grounds of disability, illness or other strong reasons are unable to or not fully able to fulfil these integration requirements, will be - within reasonable limits -  taken into account.


Close ties with Switzerland


The applicant has close ties with Switzerland when she / he meets the following requirements:

  • Holidays and other sojourns in Switzerland
  • Contact with individuals living in Switzerland
  • Contact with organisations or groups representing Swiss living abroad
  • Contact with Swiss citizens living abroad
  • Working for a Swiss company or domestic or foreign organisation
  • Ability to converse in one of the Swiss national languages or a Swiss dialect
  • Interested in Swiss current affairs and basic knowledge of the Swiss geography and political system.