Studies in Switzerland

Swiss citizens who are working or studying in Switzerland are liable for military service even if their residency is abroad. 

(Exception: when studying in Switzerland for less than a year, the young Swiss abroad as a
general rule are not called up)

Switzerland has concluded military interstate-agreements with several countries: Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Colombia, Argentina and the United States. Returnees from these countries who served in the army or done civil service there, are exempted from military service exemption tax. 


Young Swiss Abroad returning to Switzerland are liable for military service up until the fulfilment of their 25th year of age if they have not previously served in another state’s army. 


To those exempted from military obligation and thus not serving in the Swiss Army, a military service exemption tax is levied (maximally up to the age of 34), unless they return from one of the above mentioned states with whom Switzerland has concluded an agreement. 


Cross-border commuters from the Principality of Liechtenstein have to get in touch with the “Kreiskommando” in St. Gallen. 


For detailed information we advise you to consult the internet site of the Swiss Army  or to contact directly the competent authority in this matter : 


Führungsstab der Armee

Personelles Armee (FGG 1)

Sektion Wehrpflicht und Mutationen

3003 Bern

Tel. +58 464 20 63

Fax +58 464 75 14






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