Obligation to register abroad

It is essential that the person who has obtained a leave for residence abroad makes himself known, personally or in writing, at the competent Swiss representation in his region within the month following his departure from Switzerland, with the 'Leave for residence abroad' form. Later on he will also have to inform them of any changes of address. If he has to move to another consular district, he must inform his former place of residence of his departure and his new place of residence of his arrival, with reference to his military obligations.


As a general rule, a soldier who has obtained a leave for residence abroad is obliged to keep the administration informed of his whereabouts until the end of the calendar year marking the end of a three-year uninterrupted stay abroad. Beyond this period, Swiss expatriates who have not obtained a leave for residence abroad and those who have not yet paid their military service exemption tax must keep the authorities informed of their whereabouts. After its expiry, the obligation to inform the administration of one's whereabouts only comes into force after the return to Switzerland if a Swiss expatriate wishes to come back to his country for longer than three months.