Contributions to the voluntary insurance

Insured persons in paid employment pay contributions equivalent to 10,1 % of their income (8,7 % for OASI and 1,4 % for DI).


Insured persons not in paid employment pay an annual contribution ranging from CHF 950 .- to CHF 23'750.- which is calculated on the basis of their capital and their pension-income. Non employed married persons pay contributions based on half the couple's capital and their pension-income. They are however exempt from paying if the spouse is insured and has paid at least twice the minimum contribution on earnings from employment (CHF 1'900.-).


An additional fee for administration costs is charged, corresponding to 3 % of the amount of contributions due. The fees are to be paid in Swiss francs directly to the Swiss Compensation Office in Geneva.


As a general rule, a full pension is only granted to an affiliated member of the voluntary OASI/DI if he/she can show he/she has paid his/her contribution for as many years as a compulsory member. If contributions have not been paid over the requisite length of time and the gap period fell before 1979, the member may add to his account, automatically and free of charge, one year of contributions for at least twenty years of contributions, two years from 27 years of contributions and three years from 34 years of contributions.