Request and payments of pensions

As a rule, Swiss citizens, no matter where they live and regardless of whether they are affiliated to the compulsory or the voluntary insurance scheme, are entitled to receive an old age pension if they have paid in contributions for at least one year and a invalid pension if they have paid in contributions for at least three years.


Those entitled to a pension should make themselves known to the official Swiss representation for their region a few months before they reach pensionable age.


Persons domiciled in an EU or EFTA Member State must make their applications for retirement pensions to the liaison agency of their country of residence.


Applications for survivors' pensions must be filed in the country of residence in the EU or EFTA of the survivors concerned, if the deceased person was insured in that country.


As regards both retirement pensions and survivors' pensions, a person who has never been affiliated to the social security system in the country of residence must make the application to the social insurance entity in the last EU or EFTA state in which he or she contributed. If the last state in which the insured person was affiliated is Switzerland or a country other than a Member State of the EU or EFTA, the person concerned must ask the Swiss compensation scheme for a copy of the form necessary to apply for a retirement pension:


Swiss compensation scheme
Av. Edmond-Vaucher, 18
Case Postale 3100
CH-1211 Genève 2
Phone : +41(0)58 461 91 11
Fax : +41(0)58 461 97 05

E-mail: sedmaster(@)



It is possible to have the pension paid to the residence abroad if this is allowed by the law of the country of residence. Payment is made in the currency of the country of residence, either directly by the Swiss Compensation Office. The person entitled to the pension may also have it paid into a personal postal giro account or bank account.


The amount of a full OASI pension varies between CHF 1185.- and CHF 2370.-.