Insurance with the compulsory OASI/DI

OASI insurance is compulsory for Swiss nationals working abroad:

  • in the service of the Confederation,
  • in the service of international organizations with which the Federal Council has concluded a headquarters agreement,
  • in the service of NGOs receiving major subsidies from the Confederation.

Students not in paid employment studying abroad and leaving their residence in Switzerland can continue to be insured with the compulsory insurance scheme until December 31 of the year of their 30th birthday, on condition that they have been insured for at least five consecutive years immediately before starting their training.


Those working abroad for an employer in Switzerland may (by mutual agreement with the employer) continue to be subject to compulsory OASI/DI, as long as they have been insured by the OASI/DI, either on an optional or a compulsory basis, for at least five consecutive years immediately beforehand.


The spouse, not in paid employment, of a Swiss citizen insured with the compulsory OASI/DI abroad may (optionally) join the compulsory insurance.


According to the law, all these applications have to be submitted within 6 months after signing off residency in Switzerland.





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