Voluntary membership

Those entitled to join are:

  • those who are eligible to join the voluntary OASI/DI


For Swiss nationals living abroad, the age and salary requirements applicable for joining the insurance are the same as the terms of admission for compulsory insurance in Switzerland. On the other hand, however, as a Swiss living abroad, whether you are a wage-earner or self-employed, you are subject to the same conditions as self-employed citizens in Switzerland. This implies that, unlike a wage-earner living in Switzerland, you are required to pay both the wage-earner's and the employer's share (which is calculated per annum according to age as a percentage of a certain minimum wage).


Likewise, a reserve period of a maximum of three years can be granted for health reasons. In fact, this type of reserve is not acceptable for those who join the insurance within one year after having been insured on a compulsory basis for a minimum of six months.


As is the case with the OASI/DI insurance scheme, a wage-earner employed by a Swiss company abroad is as a rule subject to the compulsory Swiss social security insurance. However, if he makes a request with his employer's social security institution he may be released from this obligation if he is sufficiently insured in the foreign country concerned.


If you plan to join the occupational benefit plan insurance you can get advice directly from one of the branch offices of the Auffangeinrichtung BVG. It is advisable to choose a big social security body as small institutions are sometimes not inclined to accept contributions paid in foreign currency, or, later, pay benefits to a foreign country.