28.06.19 Federal elections 2019: Swiss Abroad candidates can present themselves


The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) has launched a discussion on SwissCommunity.org. In this discussion, Swiss Abroad can introduce themselves as candidates and discuss their goals and ideas with other Swiss Abroad.


Candidates for the federal elections can register as members of SwissCommunity.org and take part in the forum discussions. In the discussion "Swiss Abroad candidates for the 2019 elections" they can introduce themselves and discuss their goals and ideas with other Swiss Abroad.


SwissCommunity.org is a platform created by the OSA, on which Swiss from all over the world can network with one another and discuss topics concerning Swiss Abroad. Membership is free of charge.


You can find all the information you need about the federal elections for the Swiss abroad on www.aso.ch. The information is updated regularly throughout the year.






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