Youth Service

Offers for young peopleThe Organisation of the Swiss Abroad gives the opportunity to young Swiss living abroad to get to know their home country. Participation in our holiday and training offers will forge friendschips and strengthen their ties with Switzerland.


In our programs you can go sightseeing, discover mountains, towns, lakes, countryside and various regions. You get the chance to find out a lot of interesting information about Switzerland and its residents. You will have lots of fun in our camps. You can do sports, express your creative side and get to know young people from many other countries.


Use your holidays to learn more. In our training offers you can begin to learn one of the Swiss national languages, get an insight into training possibilities in Switzerland or you can take a closer look at a typical Swiss topic at a seminar and much more.

An exciting way to get to know Swiss people is a stay in a Swiss host family. This way you can take part in genuine Swiss life.


In our offers for young Swiss Abroad, the participants are sure to get an exciting experience at reasonable prices. They get to know the country, the people and make friends with other young Swiss of their own age from all over the world.


Welcome to Switzerland!


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