Petition gains 11,492 signatures «E-Voting for all Swiss Abroad»

OSA Executive Board: Handover of the Online-Petition E-Voting


On 30 November 2018 in Bern, the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) handed to the Federal Chancellery more than 11,000 signatures gathered online among the Swiss Abroad. The petition calls for electronic voting to be made available to all Swiss Abroad by 2021. This voting method is often the only way that the Swiss Abroad can exercise their political rights, as voting documentation sent by post often reaches them too late.


Because of criticisms of electronic voting, the Council of the Swiss Abroad – recognised by the Confederation as the representative of the «Fifth Switzerland» – decided at its meeting on 10 August to launch an online petition, petition demands that the Federal Council and Parliament make electronic voting available to all Swiss Abroad by 2021.


In the space of a few months and using only the means of communication available to the OSA, the petition has gathered 11,492 signatures, almost 7% of Swiss Abroad registered on an electoral register. As of 4 March 2018, 172,000 Swiss Abroad were registered on an electoral register, equivalent to the electorate of the canton of Thurgau. The OSA aimed to reach 10,000 signatures, so this result has exceeded expectations. This success is evidence, if it were needed, of the importance of this voting method for our fellow citizens abroad.


Like their compatriots in Switzerland, the Swiss Abroad are entitled to take part in elections and elect representatives to the Federal Parliament. Unfortunately, they often receive their documentation too late to cast their vote within the deadline.


The petition was submitted on 30 November 2018 to Federal Chancellery by the OSA’s President, Remo Gysin. Mr Gysin declared that «only the introduction of electronic voting can guarantee the democratic rights of the Swiss Abroad.»



OSA Executive Board: Handover of the Online-Petition E-Voting




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