Youth Parliament of the Swiss Abroad (YPSA)

The purpose of the Youth Parliament for the Swiss Abroad (YPSA) is to create a community for all Young Swiss People, aged 15 to 35, living abroad or who lived abroad for 10 years. This association wants to give everyone the possibility to exchange information, share experiences and opinions. Completely managed by young people, but in very close contact with ASO (Organisation of the Swiss Abroad), this platform wants to raise awareness on the needs of Young Swiss leaving abroad, promote activities and organise reunions.


Executive board members:

  • Edoardo Trebbi, Italy (President)
  • Guido D'Auria, Italiy/Switzerland
  • Laura Derrer, Chile
  • Francisca Espinoza, Chile
  • Marie Lingl, France
  • Jacqueline Siffer, USA
  • Lisa Faller, Germany
  • Vreni Caro, Chile
  • Roberto Landolina, Italy
  • Andrea Bartucciotto, Italy
  • Fatima Holtman, Spain
  • Mylene Braissant, France
  • Elise Deshusses, USA



Contact and information about the new Youth Parliament for the Swiss Abroad:




The foundation of the Youth Parliament of the Swiss Abroad was supported by the Youth division of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad. However, the Youth Parliament is an independent community and is independent of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad.






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